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Californian Surfing vs. Italian Surfing

You may be surprised to learn that Italian Surfing is not a dish. No doubt that it could be an excellent name for pasta. But surfing is very popular among Italian men; however, it is important to note that it does not follow the same principles of conventional surfing. The differences are evident when observing the aspects of both types' preparation, technique when hitting the waves, and recovery process.

Preparing for Italian Surfing: Style Meets Substance

No matter what time of the day one practices Californian Surfing, the routine to get ready is the same: put on the wetsuit, grab the table, and swim toward the ramp. Italian Surfing requires more extended preparation. The most consuming aspect is the choice of the wetsuit that can entail weeks of window shopping. Italian surfers cannot wear any garment that is not elegant, stylish, sporty, and possibly of brand names such as Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, or Valentino. Some wetsuits are tailored with a V neck to air out the hairy chest and expose the solid golden neckless. A visit to Macy's perfume section is also recommended to pick a suitable eau de toilette.

Riding the Waves with Italian Flair: Techniques and Tricks

Practicing Italian Surfing requires more particular attention to personal looks. The barber will suggest the most appropriate hairstyle, along with a hair product to keep the crewcut in check. A single layer of facial hair, a day's worth, should be allowed to grow and, where one eyebrow ends and the other starts, should be evident. Teeth brushing requires an extra-strong mint-flavored toothpaste to remove any evidence of the previous night's garlic dinner with spaghetti on the side.

Recovering in Style: The Italian Surfing Diet and Culture

Perception is the essence, not only regarding the look but also the status quo. Once arrived at the ocean - although Italians would call it the sea, most likely the Mediterranean Sea – an Italian surfer must follow a rigid procedure. If he drives a Lamborghini, parking in the beach's proximity is highly recommended to direct immediate attention on himself. If he drives an old model Fiat, it's better to conceal the evidence and park on a side street. Walking toward the beach must be cadenced, casual, and provocative.

The Art of Italian Surfing: Perception, Emotion, and Passion

California surfers are experienced swimmers. The ocean is their second nature, and surfing runs in the family. Most children are taught by their fathers.

Young Italian boys prefer spending time with their mothers in the kitchen. Only in their thirties do they devote more time to activities that drive them away from fresh homemade food warm from the oven. One of such activities includes hitting on the waves.

The Art of Italian Surfing: Perception, Emotion, and Passion

Italian surfers have a unique talent for complimenting, kissing, and caressing waves. They ride on high and low emotional tides and know how to enter and exit rip (romantic impulse of passion) currents. Italian Surfing is only suitable for eager, playful, and carefree men because waves can sometimes be a source of massive headaches, and it's hard to know what they want, a process that can prove very frustrating. The Italian surfer must display all his arsenal of tricks, charge, pop up, and conquer the wave in challenging moments, which is what a wave wants from a skilled surfer: to get her under control and ride her to her satisfaction.

Ride the Wave in Italian Style: The Ultimate Surfing Adventure

Surfing is a strenuous activity that requires appropriate hydration and nutrition. California surfing's best recovery is tacos and beer. Italian surfing recovery is also known as "al fresco" because it is most effective outside on the patio, in full relaxation mode, and in good company. Food will be served or prepared by the surfer and includes traditional dishes such as pappardelle Bolognese, lasagna, risotto, tortellini, ravioli, mostaccioli, and countless other choices among dishes that have made the Italian Surfing diet one of the most envied in the world. Hydration is also important and, here, the wine selection spans from reds, whites, vintage labels, and the more economical easy-does-it wines. A good recovery meal will also include cake, ice cream, fresh seasonal fruit, coffee, and limoncello. Then, to seal the deal, an afternoon nap after lunch or, when the recovery coincides with dinner, an evening of effusions with your wave, the one that stirs in you so much passion for surfing, Italian style.

In conclusion, if you have fun and enjoy the elements of the ocean, Californian, or Italian Surfing, do it your way. You may be under the impression that you are the one riding the wave. In reality, it is the wave that lets you ride her. And that, my surfer friend, makes for a massive, bomb-wave-like difference of interpretation.

Shaka and arrivederci.

~ Written by: Viktoria Rusnakova & Samuele Bagnai, authors of Enthusiastic All the Way & Tuscan Who Sold His Fiat to the Pope, respectively.

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