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The Paloma Resort: A Vibrant Destination to Chill in the Desert

The Paloma Resort in Palm Springs pool view

Need Vitamin D? The Paloma Resort is the place for you. Their effervescent clear pool, the colorful lodging under the sun, and the bar -always ready to serve you a fresh cocktail- are the key ingredients of a remedy you may need to alleviate your mind and soul's lack of vitamins. We are not doctors, and we are not giving you medical advice. Instead, we realized that anyone could benefit from taking a break under the reinvigorating "fun sun" of the California desert.

Viktoria and I live in San Diego, blessed with its abundant sunshine. But winter comes to San Diego too. Beginning in late November, the frowning sky serves as a barrier that blocks the sun, and rains are more frequent. As we glimpse outside the window and recall summer days nostalgically, our reserve of vitamin D drops, our bones cry out, our head feels heavy, and the highlights on our hair fade under the gloomy clouds. The bottom line is: no matter where you live or how much you love it, a time will come when a vacation is necessary.

Escape the Winter Blues: Visit The Paloma Resort in Coachella Valley

Better yet, the time will come when booking a getaway in search of sun is imperative. You can either embark on a long journey across the hemisphere or opt-out for a weekend-long - and potentially stretch it a few more days - visit the Southern California desert, with its hot springs, bright blue endless sky, and mild winter weather.

Discover the Magic of The Paloma Resort: A Spanish-Inspired Oasis

The Paloma Resort is located south of downtown Palm Springs, in the heart of Coachella Valley. It opened in 2022 after a $12.5 million restoration. The property has maintained the historic mission-style adobe, which was transformed into the Spanish-inspired restaurant Sol y Sombra. The original building pivots around 66 modernist bungalows, suites, and a festive pool scene. Slim palm trees, bougainvillea, and colorful murals of cactuses and agaves are the brush of a sophisticated painter against the 360-degree surrounding view of the mountains. As I wrote, the description of the boutique hotel came as one long sentence without punctuation; such is the enthusiasm that brings me the happy vibes of this spot in the desert.

Viktoria's and my stumble into Sol y Sombra was another welcoming surprise. Last September, we spent two weeks in Andalusia, the rich southern Spanish region, after we tied the knot in Tuscany. Eating tapas and paellas at the edge of the pool brought back tasting papillae memories of our honeymoon. Recounting them would entail a long list of ingredients and names of dishes served at Sol y Sombra and many attempts to describe what one can only test for herself by indulging in local ingredients prepared according to a modern-fusion cuisine style. But I will spare two words for my favorite cocktail of the weekend, Spanish Summer, made with tequila, a citrus mix, and a hint of spiciness: exotic and bold. I may go back to The Paloma, even if it was to have that drink while reading my romantic Italian novel on the pool deck chair.

Savor the Sun and Fun at The Paloma Resort in Palm Springs

The Paloma Resort is ideal for those who want a break from the harsh winter of some not-so-lucky places on earth -including San Diego- if you have thin blood like Viktoria and me. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying the entire day in the sun under the watchful eye of the bartender at The Paloma, the hotel is strategically positioned to enjoy all the benefits the region offers, from hiking and golf to festivals and shopping. Viktoria and I spent a day at the Agua Caliente Indian Canyons, walking among palm trees, cactuses, and ancient trails sacred to the Indians. In the evenings, we took a dutiful walk-in downtown Palm Springs, an epicenter of new artistic productions, cool restaurants, and new stylistic trends.

What else is there to say? Thank you to The Paloma's staff and Management for one of our favorite stays in Coachella Valley. We know we will be back soon. See you there. Where? At The Paloma Resort and boutique hotel, of course!

~ Written by: Viktoria Rusnakova & Samuele Bagnai, authors of Enthusiastic All the Way & Tuscan Who Sold His Fiat to the Pope, respectively.

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